G*STARS to be Showcased at the NAWDP 2013 Conference

HUDSON, Wis.—April 30, 2013—AGS Data Systems is gearing up for its fourth year sponsoring the NAWDP Annual Conference – set to take place on May 19-22 at the Hilton Hotel located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, MN. To kick off summer on a high note, the conference is bringing together workforce development professionals from across the nation to discuss innovative concepts for managing and improving the workforce sector.

This year’s conference theme is “Workforce Development Professionals: Putting America Back to Work.” Attendees will get to choose from a variety of workshops aimed at providing strategies to help job seekers, improving workforce programs, and facing modern day challenges in the face of ever-tightening budgets. Participants can also attend a special post-conference learning event with Mary Ann Lawrence on how to build an integrated business services team.

As an exhibitor for the conference, AGS is setting up a double booth with a G*STARS demo station to show off the system, a G*STARS Self-Service Kiosk to demonstrate its swipe card tracking functionality, and several giveaways. These include the tempting specialty chocolates seen at other conferences AGS has attended, G*STARS “Seeds for Success” (seed starter kits), and prize baskets that attendees can enter to win. AGS will also host two “Digital Learning Zone” presentations, similar to TED Talks, regarding cloud computing and self-service technology.

AGS is looking forward to sharing their expertise in the field and building new relationships in support of this event.


About the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP)

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About AGS Data Systems

AGS Data Systems is the leading national provider of web-based client management software for the employment, training, and social services sectors, and the originator of web-based Self-Service Tracking with swipe card technology for Workforce and One Stop Centers nationwide. AGS brings top-of-the-line software solutions and consulting expertise to organizations seeking more effective ways to help customers achieve training, jobs, and other outcomes.


G*STARS is a 100% web-based subscription system used for collaborative client management, reporting, and analytics. The system provides organizations with a highly configurable and cost-effective solution to collect a wide array of customer data, analyze the impact of services on customers’ lives, easily convey outcomes to funders and key stakeholders, and transform data into effective business decisions that improve entire communities. For more information about G*STARS, please call (866) 403-3639 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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